About Us

About Us

First Generation

Established in 1974

CH Auto Service was founded by Mr. Ho Eng Chuan in 1974 with body repair as its core business in a small space situated in Hougang. With the evolution of technology and modernization in the automotive industry, CH is leading the frontier of its industry by transforming into a tech-savvy automotive workshop. Over the years, CH has successfully acquired multiple workshops with different specialties to provide a one-stop service to all vehicle owners.

Second Generation

The Successors

Mr. Ho Eng Chuan started working for his elder brother’s automotive workshop in the early 70s. He worked long hours for a meager salary to support his brother’s business. In 1974, his brother decided to drop the business, and Mr. Ho took over the workshop and named it Chuan Ho Auto Service which is the Chinese dialect word for “All Good”. He wants to provide quality service to his customers at all times.

In 2014, Mr. Ho’s son took over the business as 2nd gen to ease his father’s workload and let him retire with peace of mind. Chuan Ho Auto Service has now been rebranded to CH Chuan Ho Pte Ltd to embrace the modern and digital transformation of the business, yet preserving the core value that Mr. Ho Eng Chuan always believed in: “All Good”



Kent Tan


Ah Wei

Head Mechanic

Old Hero

Spray Painter

Ah Seng

Spray Painter