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Spray Paint

Why Chuan Ho

Perfect Colour Matching Accuracy

All our spray painting services are carried out by our team of skilled in-house repair specialists that achieve 100% colour-matching accuracy every time, using a combination of innovative technology and years of experience.

Quality Paint & Craftsmenship

Our services use only the highest quality materials which are utilised by a team who have experience and are meticulous in their work. The quality of the work will not be compromised no matter the time provided or the price given.

Knowledge & Experience

Here at CH Chuan Ho Pte Ltd, we only offer expert spray-painting services. Our team of technicians is proficient and experienced in the process of spray-painting and is equipped with innovative paint-matching systems to guarantee that the results achieved will always be up to standard.

Spray Paint Services

At CH Chuan Ho Pte Ltd, we offer any spray-painting service you may need. We house a team of licensed, experienced, and skilled spray painters that will always get the job done. Whether it’s small scratches or heavy damage, we have experience with thousands of vehicles and have successfully restored them to their original conditions with the help of professional spraying techniques and expert knowledge in spray painting.

Finishing Options




Our Technology

accurate colour matching

Our technicians will assess the situation and determine the proper process to carry out. The vehicle’s manufacturer will be contacted to acquire the correct paint code and to avoid possible variants of colour shading and mixing to achieve the exact colour matching of your vehicle.

factory / customisation choice

Our services include any type of spray painting work you may need, from full factory resprays to any custom paintwork you desire. Besides providing services for smash repairs, we also offer custom paint jobs. We take great pride in the quality of all our spray painting jobs.

multi layered full process

Here at CH Chuan Ho Pte Ltd, we use a full multi-layered process when spray painting your vehicle. This means the paint is applied in several layers, with each layer having a thickness of a few micrometres. The whole process can have up to 20 stages, this includes cleaning, degreasing, drying, etc.

curing enviroment

We also provide infrared heat to dry and cure the finished paint job. This process uses infrared emitters which are adjusted to the vehicle and the process. These emitters emit energy accurately at a wavelength that is best absorbed by and converted into heat within the respective material. They can be accurately shaped to match the shape of the car where only just very small areas can be treated. Heat is quickly transferred with high power through radiation without contact.


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